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Our products are designed to help inhibit the risk of the spread of bacteria that may cause HAI’s and cross-contamination. 

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International Biotech Services Ltd has been appointed as the English distributor of unique healthcare products for use in clinical and community settings.

The use of silver ion technology impregnated into plastic, allows us to deliver unique, clean and hygienic products that continuously inhibit the inevitable growth of bacteria seen on all non-sterile surfaces. Cross-contamination from hands and the environment may pose a problem for vulnerable patients especially those with open wounds.

Our mission is to deliver Unique, Clean, Hygienic and Safe products which will make a significant contribution to infection control and prevention in clinical and community settings.

In an era which has seen the emergence of highly resistant pathogenic and persistent microbes, the unique patient bathing system – PathAguard® ABLiS ®- as well as the award-winning leg ulcer and wound cleaning aid PathAguard®LUCA® will provide patients and clinicians with another safety barrier against cross-contamination.

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